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ANDROID10-Statusbar Icon Bug

Rising Star I
Do not Disturb icon showing even after i turned off the Do not disturb mode....
Glove mode icon turned off in status bar icon manager but it will keep showing in status bar after turning on the Glovemode...
Wifi icon is fine...Not checked other icons

Rising Star I

Hall of Fame III
Sorry about the late reply. We have two option.
We can log your phone and see if there's a bug that can happen to other users. If we believe it could happen to others, then we will fix it but it can take more than a month. You're the first one to mention this issue so it's highly likely that you will be asked to reset your phone.
Just reset your device and this issue will be instantly gone.
I want to be as honest as possible and tell yo how it is. I would be much more interested in option one if you had a couple of other users saying that they're experiencing the same thing.

Star I
Yes my asus zenfone 6 same problem bug, if do not disturb activated, icon in status bar not display the icon,

Star III
one time i got the same problem too, after a restart, its gone