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Always On Display (AOD) for Zenfone 6?

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Hi all!
I don't know if this has been discussed already, but could it be possible to include the AOD (always on display) function in the further updates?
I know that the Zenfone 6 is equipped with an IPS screen (that was one of the reasons why I chose it) and IPS screens consume more power for the AOD. But then again, they do not burn-in as OLED screens do and the Zenfone 6 has a huge battery.
I am totally OK to spend extra 5% of the battery life in exchange for the AOD which looks nice and provides information.


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As already mentioned ZenFone 6 uses an LCD IPS display with a backlight.

And even if some users may find an AOD implementation with "acceptable battery drain" - there are equally, if not more, users who would not.

We'll record the feedback however AOD in ZenFone 6 is not a feature we are currently thinking about adding.

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Thank you for the answer!

For me it sounds kinda strange. If a function exists it can be turned off for those who do not want an excessive battery drain. If a user turns it on, usually the OS shows a disclaimer about battery life.
Also there exist examples of AOD function for IPS screens: LG G series (G4, G5, G6) has it.

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LG G6 uses high grade IPS which the black can be really really dim (i tested it in dark room), while Zenfone 6 uses IPS lower than LG G6 has, because the black really shining (not deep).
Don't forget that LG G6 is real flagship, and Zenfone 6 is budget flagship, consider the price given, Zenfone 6 half of the price (launch price), it's totally ok if we don't get AOD. So i hope no other request asking about AOD.


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The LG G6 launch price was 650$, hardly double of Z6's 500$ launch price. Also, what's wrong with asking for features? If it's a bad feature suggestion or something too hard to implement then fine, but everyone should be able to express their opinion.