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Ability to customize actions in swipe up gesture navigation mode

Zen Master I
Please tell us some basic information before asking for help:
Model Name: Zen6
Firmware Version:132

It is possible for me to long-swipe up on the recent "button" (not really a button) to activate multi-window mode (this setting is oddly found under settings --> advanced --> screenshot). It doesn't seem possible to customize the back "button" to do anything on long-swipe up, unless I'm missing it. The device does respond with an extra vibration when making the movement, though, so it does recognize the movement. I would love to be able to customize it to swap to the previously opened app as I did with FNG (now partially broken by Google) on A10. Just an idea. Same would be nice to be able to customize for long-swipe up on home, too. If not, FNG side gestures still work.

Hall of Fame III
We're not going to create a special swipe navigation. We want users to learn and use Google standard gesture navigation to minimize the risk of bugs