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ZenFone 5Z ZS620KL_WW_100.10.107.99 New Update No VoWifi Support

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【Release Note】
Updated Android security patch
Fixed screen recording not working issue in Game Genie
Fixed the APP data usage is not displayed correctly after changing the data usage time period
No Use To Wait VoWifi Update
Now We Need To Focus Android 11 ZenUi 7

For ASUS 5Z, ZenUI 7 and Android 11 are still under evaluation. For any firmware related information, 
Please stay tuned with our official website:

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Dear All,
All answers in Indian Context.
I had taken up the issue with Jio Care on 28th July 2020. Their response is attached herewith, which sounds positive for VoWIFI with Asus Zenfone 5Z. Please refer to the "red" highlighted box. 
If few Jio Users can take this up with Jio Care (, I think there will be progress, in terms of whether they can provide this feature or not. Atleast, knowing whether it will happen or not, will help to settle the issue, instead of needless expectations / follow-ups. Also, follow-up from a market leader like Jio and Airtel will help to present the case, better with Asus.  
I have presented here the text, which can probably be Copied & sent to Jio or Airtel Care which will help to address the issue. Please do copy paste this or draft suitably yourself and send email to 
1. / 
2. Contact us Page - Jio
3. If you don't get satisfactory response, from care you can also write to Appellate Authority for better quality response. Please do not write to appellate for the first time, write to them, only if you don't get proper response from care.  
2. Airtel Nodal Officers Email

Dear Care Team,
Greetings and Good Afternoon!
My Mobile number is xxxxxxxxxx. 
This is with respect to the Voice Over WiFi (VoWIFI) support for Asus Branded Handset Model # Asus Zenfone 5Z - Asus - Z01RD - ZS621KL - India Version. 
Asus team says the Jio team has to finish the work whereas Operator's team says, please check the online link / for supported devices. 
It would be highly appreciable if the your team can take the lead and initiate discussions with the Asus development team for the top 4 or 5 Asus branded models sold in India. Voice over WiFi is a basic necessity and it would be of great help if the your Team can really work with Asus to enable the VoWiFi support to Asus Zenfone 5Z and other 4 flagship models in Asus range.  
My Mobile Handset Details #
Brand Name # Asus Zenfone 5Z
Model Number # ZS621KL
Part Number # Z01RD
Once again, it would be of great help if the Jio Team can really work with Asus to enable the VoWiFi support to Asus Zenfone 5Z and other 4 flagship models in Asus range.  
Thanking you in anticipation.