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Zenfone 5Z audio/ game mode/ playstore/ battery issues

Star III
APP Name:
Rooted: No
Frequency of Occurrence: Sometimes
Firmware/APP Version: WW-
Model: ZS620KL

First of all, that some of related issues below do not happen all the time, but they are very inconvenient and I'd like to get it straight for the community. [img=0,18][/img] 1. Some times I can notice some audio distortions while playing (trhough wifi and data mobile) games, streaming videos from Youtube, Facebook, Netflix, etc. I didn't notice that same problem through in web browser Google Chrome. 2. Game Genie is "crazy" after some minutes in game. I block notifications while I'm in game and a few moments later it disable it automatically without any reason. I always turn off navigation bar during the game time and then it turn on again. Sometimes it just "disappear" and It's like I even had activated before gaming. 3. Some times Playstore do not download apps and even though It's caused by cache corruption this issue very often ocurrs in Zenfone devices and I can say that without any fear since I've used Asus smatphones since 2014. It barely happened in others devices I've used, but they aren't my concern. 4. I know that battery consuming is personally proportional with apps that each of us use the most, but It's time to review the AI about that. Even when turn it off there's no strong influence from AI battery consuming energy. *I've already cleaned cache/ reset/ hard reset my Z5z and there's no difference. **According to "calc. tests" It's all okay with it. [img=0,18][/img] ***My phone do not overheating while each issue occurs. [img=0,18][/img] Again: I'm not facing that issues all the time! What do you think? Does someone else got the same problem over there?? [img=0,18][/img]

Star I
Hello Número13, Good day. Thanks for your feedback and message. 1. Could you describe more about the audio distortions? (e.g. crackling sound) Please show me a short video and point it out. Also, tell me which app do you use. (please save your video to a cloud and paste your public link to us.) Have you used any headset? wireless or wired headset? 2. Sorry I got some confusion here. Do you mean the " No alerts" of Game Genic is not working and still receive the pop-up notifications during a game? Do you mean if you turn on the " Lock mode" and " No alerts" of Game Genic during a game and the Game Genic disappear? 3. Please make sure about the app version has updated to the latest. Google service ver. 17.7.85 / Google Play store ver.15.3.14. (1.) Please click the mobile manager > data usage > control app data usage > 3 dots menu > show system > toggle on the both of cellular data and WiFi on the options of Google Play store and Google service) (2.) Please go settings > apps & notifications > see all apps> app info > 3 dots menu > reset app preference. (3.) Please kindly restore and uninstall update the Google Play stojn.4re and Google service app for a check. (settings > apps & notifications > see all apps > 3 dots menu > show system > Google Play store and Google service > storage > clear data & cache > back to app info > uninstall update and update again.) (4.) Please kindly click mobile manager> auto-start manager > please do not deny Google service and Google Play store apps. 4. Do you mean your phone battery consume soon when standby or during use? I would suggest you try to charge the battery more over than 30 minutes even the battery percentage gets full before use. Thank you.