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Zenfone 5 Update with android 10 ZENUI 7

Rising Star II
Hello there,

My Zenfone 5 and I have waited too long for the android 10 update. Most likely you will be publishing in the coming months. We ask you to present android 10 with zenUI 7 as an excuse for keeping us waiting that long. I think you can. We waited too long, don't you think we deserve it? Moderators, I understand you very well, you do not have any information. But I just want you to make it available to Asus and authorized people. Please this is my only request. The event is that zenfone 5 is not sold well, etc. situations are. Really a big company like asus doesn't have enough money for a single update? I think I'd like you to give us this surprise. It would be nice if you give it in 5Z, but they didn't wait, we did. And we demand that this expectation come to a surprise. We have been in contact with you for 2 years, you listen to our complaints and solve our problems. There are times when we get angry and give wrong answers. But still I love to solve problems with you on this page. I kindly request you to show this request to asus officials.

(One thing I would like to add. We are not the only ones delaying this update. I would like you to give a surprise ZenUI support to other phones waiting. When they empathize, they deserve it enough.)

Good afternoon and Thanks ...