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Zenfone 5 android 10 Beta Version Officially open today

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Version V17.0615.2003.20
1.46 GBytes
ASUS ZenFone 5 ZE620KL Android 10 AOSP Software Image Beta Version for WW SKU only*
Please ensure to backup data before upgrade.
*We suggest at least to update to 16.0615.2002.120, then use the UL pack upgrade to Android 10.

Steps of Update:
1.Android 10 AOSP Beta version is now available for download. Please note that this version is "pure" Android system, and will not have ZenUI.
2.Please be aware that installing this system image on a device removes all personal data from the device, so please remember to back up your data first.
3.This is the Android 10 AOSP Beta version, so the user experience will be different from Android P. If you are used to and prefer using ZenUI, we recommend that you continue with the Android P version.

*How to know the device model?
Path: Settings->About-> Model number
Example: ASUS PadFone2
**How to know the device software version?
Path: Settings->About-> software information->Build number
Example: CHT_PadFone2-user-
*System upgrade may cause part of data missing, please buckup your important data before system upgrading.

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Bug with this beta with Asus file manager : write access to sdcard is denied, and no popup to accord autorisation.

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" be aware that installing this system image on a device removes all personal data from the device" ???

Are ASUS RD & marketing guys ALL fucking IDIOTS ?

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You are not appreciating the effort the engineers put into. You shouldn't criticise when you still isn't sure whether they are going to release the official version. It is called beta NOT because they don't want to update afterwards or problematic. If you are not a developer, and is only an average Android phone user that just complains about deleting all user data.
You should install the beta if you are actually willing to help. You don't have to be a dev, or have any expertise. You can help by using it and find bugs for the engineers to fix, and not complaining. YOU are the id**t and you do shouldn't be commenting about this beta software update. The way you see this is completely off. If it was a normal update from OTA, and it deletes all your data, you can complain as much as you'd like, because you paid for the phone and the service.
And you will have to think again before you comment online. Your comments are impolite and distasteful, for instance "Are ASUS RD & marketing guys ALL fucking IDIOTS ?", "銷量差就被爛公司放生啊", "這是三小更新?", "玩到把爛手機丟掉或爛公司倒掉吧", etc.

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They removed the beta from the download site.

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把我在中文區的留言貼到這裡,老外是看得懂中文吼? 從中文論壇維穩到英文來? 氣急敗壞到精神錯亂?

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