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Will you improve the camera app.?

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The camera app hasn't been updated since 3rd update

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Hi @mithlesh19

Can you tell me in what aspect the improvement is required?

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Hdr + on lines of 6z would be a great addition. Also color tones should me more natural looking. Natural colors with rich details is always forte of ASUS. would love to see the imaging algorithm tweaks for more natural colors and rich details. Current camera is not nad but we need better details and picture quality. Other brands introduced new features via updates asus can also do some improvements

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Hi @mithlesh19

Can you tell me in what aspect the improvement is required?

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An update that brings the UI and feature set inline with that of the Zenfone 6 would be great. If that isn't possible, at least some new things like Night Mode would be appreciable.

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We mean dedicated nightmode,HDR+,and Ui tweaks like zenfone 6 would be fun as 5z Sensor is more capable (that smooth lense transition during zooming by implementing it on screen control like zenfone 6 or atleast with power button we use to zoom on 5z doesnt feel smooth) also lense switching is appreciated

3rd party apps degrades the quality of uploaded pictures if tried to click on app like snapchat and save image there and try to post same saved picture on instagram reduces the quality and also crops picture a bit after uploading

There are lot of budget devices out there having night modes and much more i guess even max pro m1 has it 😬

Thank you 😊

@ARP_ASUS @aamod.v8 @dpstar7582 @BrunoF20 @Averan @Abhinav @CH_ASUS

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It's painful to say but I had asked new camera updates to @CH_ASUS and he simply said no new camera feature improvement and introduction would be possible for 5z.
Sadly They won't change the existing estate of our 5z camera application.
But I'm still looking for a reply if by any chance they will tweak the camera application a bit and it would be a boon for 5z. 🙏

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Is it possible that if 5z got improved camera app, the 5 got it too?.. The 5z's and 5's camera sensor is the same right? But maybe the app not as complex as the 5z, cuz the processor is not as fast....

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Guys this thing happens again and it will happen again with next models. If you want new camera features/UI you have to buy the new model. This is Asus...