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Why are you guys prioritising max pro m1 and m2 over the Zenfone 5

So yeah, max pro m1 and m2 is getting android 10 and it seems like asus is going to trash zenfone 5 like what they did with Zenfone 4 There's a reason why i chose the Zenfone 5 over the max pro m1 and m2, Zenfone 5 is more premium, and it's supposed to have premium software support as well and of course it's more expensive than the two. It would have been okay if Zenfone 5's android pie is good but right after i updated my phone to pie it started slowing down, fingerprint scanner takes too long to unlock compared to cheaper phone from other brands and for some reason even max pro m1 unlocks faster like wtf. the new swipe up button from pie is also buggy, it always glitches 100% all the time and it's been like this for a year and there are no issues like this in the max pro m1.I'm not the only one who agrees to this but android pie on Zenfone 5 is absolutely garbage and yet you guys focus on upgrading phones with fewer issues. Zenfone 5 users absolutely deserve android 10 because you made us suffer the whole 2019 with a garbage software, if Zenfone 5 don't get android 10 then you guys suck. You guys didn't learn from your Zenfone 4 failure

Rising Star II
Below this long article "Zenfone 5 is under review for Android Q." will come. You are so right that while the lowest model of another brand (our country's currency (TL)) is opening the finger speed of 1000TL with the speed of light, I wait for it to open when my phone is 3000TL. I can quickly enter the password until the fingerprint opens, it's already that slow. I'm not even talking about camera, facial recognition, system optimization or something. They're all in place and I think the reason for this is showing off the ZenUI5. Android 10 and ZenUI6 with a very simple operating system, user interface and the only update that will save the phone. I do not expect software support from Asus to the phone. We have seen for 1 year, how to get into the phone. We know in an experienced way. What should we say 🙂 Thank you for making us regret taking us on the phone, Asus. I hope you compensate beautifully

Zen Master I
Hi ignaciokenneth, 1. For fingerprint scanner slow, please try removing the previous fingerprint data and set them up again. If the problem still appears, please tell us how long it takes to unlock. Please tell us whether this problem happens when the screen is on or off. 2. Does the swipe up problem appear in any specific actions while using the phone? 3. For Android 10, we haven't received any news yet, but your feedback has been taken into evaluation. Thank you.

I followed what you said, no luck, the fingerprint takes atleast 1 second. However i noticed that the fingerprint unlocks fast when i turn on lock screen first then fingerprint. But if the phone is screen is turned off it takes 1 second,  About android pie's swipe up on home button, back button is all good, home button is all good. But the swipe up to see recent tabs is glitchy. The whole recent app UI overlaps the navigation bar but then corrects itself in an unsatisfying manner. The swipe right gesture to switch to another app is laggy. And thats all. Hope android 10 comes and fix this

Zen Master I
ignaciokenneth posted on 2020/2/9 12:12 I followed what you said, no luck, the fingerprint takes atleast 1 second. However i noticed that th ...
Hi ignaciokenneth, Is your firmware version WW-16.0615.1912.115? Could you show us a short video of the problems of swipe up on home button: "recent app list glitchy" and "swipe right gesture laggy". To share videos, please upload it to ASUS WebStorage ( and share the link with us. We would suggest that you enable "Show taps" in Developer options before you record the video. Enable Developer options: Settings > System > About phone > Software information > Tap "Build number" 7 times. Enable show taps: Settings > System > Developer options > Show taps. Thank you 🙂