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Thanks Asus Finally VoWifi On Jio , Thank You So Much

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【Model Name】
ZenFone 5Z ZS620KL

【Release Date】
【Release Note】
Updated Android security patch
Enabled VoLTE on TMO (US)
Enabled VoWiFi on JIO (IN)
Improved touch stability
Fixed a delay issue when turning off Wi-Fi from quick settings


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I'm looking forward to the update. Because Improved touch stability update 🙂

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I'm looking forward to the update. Because Improved touch stability update 🙂

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@burakterzi91 you are free to report if you still find any issue with touch

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Dear Asus Team & All,
Thank-you ASUS for VoWIFI. I'm really grateful for all the efforts which went behind this. I have never heard a BRAND responding positively to voice of 5Z group to bring out a feature for a 2+ year old model. ([201105] ZenFone 5Z ZS620KL_WW_100.10.107.110 (Android 10))
ASUS scores on CUSTOMER CARE. Better LATE THAN NEVER. TRUST Is Important. ASUS has retained BOTH.
I may have been very vocal and tough during my interactions / posts during the last 8+ months. Thank-you for having put up and continued to work.
SPECIAL THANKS To @Anders_ASUS Don't know how else to THANK-YOU. This is for the continuous efforts you had put up for THIS. Kindly share this to your manager that you handled professionally, a aggressive GROUP of 5Z Enthusiasts for features.
THANKS to all the MODS who kept the flame glowing # I would like to mark specific directional excellence for @amitgarde3 @aamod.v8
@Abhinav @amitgarde3 @aamod.v8 @adityapruthi2001 @Sasank @JACKSPARROW @vitorgn @vkk178 @adityadas086 @Debasish Sahoo @robinjos @subhojit.dey @sidarya31 @elizednicolas0329 @CachexxCookies @apurbadas24a @maiya.raviraj @hkumar73 @defylimitations @Chintan Devganiya @annuraja01 @Averan @gtnvvsunil9999