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Subpar Update to Android 9

Star I
Model: ZC600KL
Firmware/APP Version: WW_16_0610_1908_83
Frequency of Occurrence: Always
Rooted: No
APP Name: Multiple Apps

Hello, I hope you are doing well. I have had my Asus ZenFone 5Q for a while now, and I love it and it is the best phone I've had so far. In general, I think ASUS products are amazing, and I've been considering to purchase more ASUS phones for my family, and a laptop for myself.{:4_118:} Praise aside, the recent update to Android 9 has been an disaster. It hasn't slowed down my phone in any significant manner, albeit I have seen many complaints about post-update slowed down system on this forum. However, it rendered the phone to be not user-friendly, highly inconvenient and not aesthetically displeasing. The issues I am having after the recent upgrade are: 1) My notification settings are gone: a) I want the phone to flash it's LED at me when a notification about missed call, email, SMS of Facebook message arrives. Currently there is no option to toggle LED light, nevermind changing its color (which I believe was possible previously) b) The phone no longer vibrates for text messages. The notification settings doesn't have an option to just vibrate the phone for texts but ring for calls. It only has global settings now, and I am not happy with it for a variety of reasons, and it would be great to have that setting back. c) The new text messages no longer "pop up" on the screen with previews. The phone merely displays the icon on left top corner of the screen. This is massively inconvenient, compared to what it previously was. It would be nice if the phone could be rolled back to be truly customizeable, like it used to be (which is why I bought it and loved it so much). 2) The sound controls became highly inconvenient. Previously, I could toggle Sound, Vibrate and Do Not Disturb mode using the volume buttons on the side of the phone. If I plugged in my earphones the volume buttons would regulate the Media Volume. Now they only regulate the media volume regardless of whether earphones are plugged in or not. This is rather inconvenient and it would be great if y'all could roll it back to previous setting. 3) The lock screen buttons are now uncomfortably close to each other, which doesn't allow one to unlock phone quickly as there is a danger of mistyping it. The buttons are now offset to bottom of screen and everything is crammed into a little space. It would be nice if the previous design was returned. 4) Half the Font Styles are gone! I now only have Default, Felbridge and Syndor. I am sure there were more of them! If you could bring them back that would be great. 5) This is just a whine, but it would be great if upon pressing Recent Apps on Navigation Bar we could still have the Power Boost Rocket button, rather than the boring "clear all" we got after the update. It really gave the phone that "ASUS feel" of striving for excellence and "soaring to the sky" rather than just "clear your recent apps on your boring smartphone" feel. 6) There is a plus sign in a circle kind of icon on the top right of the phone (where it displays that phone is on vibrate, time, battery percentage, etc.) I could not locate what it means and it never showed up before the update. I'm wondering if you could clarify the meaning of that. By reading other forum posts I saw that the ASUS Support does not provide official means of downgrade back to Android 8, and I realize that downgrading it myself or factory resetting it might be a poor decision and might make matters even worse. However, due to already seeing a number of complaints due to Android 9 performing poorly I am wondering if ASUS could release a "patch" to ameliorate for the poor performance of the system under Adnroid 9? Thank you very much, Anna Skrinnik

Zen Master I
Hi skrinnik.anna, 1) a) Please enable LED indicator: Settings > Display > LED indicator. (b) Could you tell us when it doesn't vibrate for new text messages, is your phone in ringtone/vibration/silent mode? (c) Do you mean new text messages doesn't pop out when the screen is on or off? Please check if do not disturb is activated and make sure to deactivate it. Please also make sure to enable "show notifications" in app info. We can receive notifications like this: 2) The default volume control has been changed to media volume after Android Pie. However, it will adjust according to your app and action. When you are about to dial a phone call, you may adjust "ringtone volume" and it will show "media volume" at the same time. When you are during a call, you may adjust the "call volume", and the "media volume" is shown. 3) Please tell us your lock type. 4) Could you show us a screenshot of the font styles that is currently available on your phone? 5) We greatlyappreciate your suggestion. If youwould like to share your ideas, you may post here: ideas there will be considered in our phone design. :) 6) Could you show us a screenshot of this icon? Thank you 🙂