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Screen double tapp problem

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After new OTA updated device double tap to wake up screen not working properly...some how internet speed also reduce...?


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Hi friends

Thank you all for your reply. Please note that double tap functions highly involves hardware support. If the functions are not as sensitive as before, kindly bring your device to the nearest repair center for hardware checking.

Does "double tap stops react after long time using" appear in any specific app? Please put the behavior under observation. Because I can use double tap to suspend & to wakeup properly, if you encounter this issue, please wake up double tap function by pressing the power key and check third party app disturbance.

Thank you.

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This issue wasn't there before, it occurred after latest march update, u all put bugs after updates n u all know very well that most of the 5z is not under warranty, so why to spend bucks for the issues u all pushed.

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Look at this !
This is the proof that Double tap to wake up Gesture is broken after .123 update (latest). There is no third party apps which trigger this issue.
After Turning Off and on, This gesture works perfectly. Sometimes it misbehaves as you can see in the video.
It is pathetic to those users who use Double tap to Wake up including me.
Hope you can now understand. And do needful into this.
Thank you.
@Christine_ASUS @Anders_ASUS @and06tw