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It's your fault that Zenfone 5 is not ZenUI on Android 10!

Rising Star II
Hello there,

In your sentence in the photo, you stated that the Zenfone 5's Android 10 update will be released without ZenUI. It is your fault to spend 18 months for Zenfone 5 to receive the Android 10 update. Why are we paying for your problem? You told us that you will update 2 versions. But you didn't say that someone wouldn't have ZenUI. We wouldn't buy it if you told me. If we wanted to get Android 10 with Pure android, we would get it from suitable devices. Asus broke my heart very much on this subject, it ended my excitement. I really don't trust and support you anymore. Why not bring updates without ZenUI? Can you explain to me why? You are the one who extends the duration of the update you have to publish within 18 months. Please explain this situation to Asus officials as moderator and for the sake of 2 years. Finally, I wanted to have Asus on the device I would buy Other. There is no such thing anymore. I'm really sorry.

Have a nice day

Star III

Why don't the moderators answer me? I'm not asking when the Zenfone 5 android 10 update will arrive, but the ZenUI will come with it. Will Android 10 update be with ZenUI? Please do not write me bot replies, follow our page etc. Write a clear answer. move from TheseMood

Please do not post threads with overlapping information, disturbing the users and the mods. The version of ZenFon 5 Android 10 is AOSP version. If you're used to using ZenUI, we suggest keeping your system version in Android 9. Thank you.

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How can your conscience allow you to say that?!
 This is another bot response. This isn't the first time you've said that. And there is still no clear answer. People ask what is the situation with the upgrade to a10 with ZenUI 6, you answer that there is an update to AOSP, which is extremely unstable and can not be used comfortably, as it has a huge number of bugs and flaws. It hasn't been updated for more than 2 months. Terrible behavior from the support service