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[5z] Justice to flagship, Atleast zenui 7 top of Android 10 OR Android 11 top of zenui 6

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Model Name: 5z
Firmware Version:
Rooted or not: not
Frequency of Occurrence: forever
APP Name & APP Version (If your issue relates to the app): system
Time has come ASUS has started beta testing for 6z as its regular cycle why skip 5z as a flagship i personally feel 5z is best device ASUS has made till date with lesser hardware issues comparing 6z n rog series also 5z is most sold smartphone till date for ASUS in flagship range m happy with dedicated support till date for 5z and still ongoing for more few months
But as a flagship owner want to tell ASUS that is 5z really worth to be called as flagship 👇
1.No vowifi
2.No prime hd
4.No camera UI improvements even after Zenui 6
5.No dedicated nightmode for capable sensor in camera app
6.Touch panel stutters in games exists since Android 8 (which we and mods are still fighting to get fix from devs )
even after several requests since months from 5z users no hard push from ASUS for 5z users why? No requested features are seen
If thats fine not to give it to 5z owners than its ok
But to fill this huge gap can asus make us happy with surprising decision like more 6 months update cycle with implementations like atleast providing
*ZENUI 7 on Android 10 itself
*Android 11/R on top of ZENUI 6 itslef
I wish atleast ASUS will reconsider our request and justice 5z as a flagship before ending up support to 5z
@Christine_ASUS @CH_ASUS @Anders_ASUS @ARP_ASUS @Falcon_ASUS @STARRAIN_ASUS @Titan_ASUS @Y_ASUS @Kris_ASUS @Laura_ASUS @Gustav_ASUS @gabriel_prado @ga278057 @gabriel95
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Would really appreciate if you guys could squeeze in one more semi - major update like ZenUI 7. It does have some great new UI aesthetics which will bring some freshness to Zenfone 5z. Also with ZenUI 6 there was no new Camera UI, would be appreciated if you could do that too!

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Zf 5z is still a very capable phone and without a doubt better than most of the 2020 mid rangers out there, snapdragon 845 is still a beast
Plus the phone has had decent support till now and Zen UI 6 is one of the best skins out there in terms of aesthetics, functionality and no extra bloatware
Android 10 beta program for Zenfone 5z was a pleasant surprise to be honest and the fact that Asus was faster than some of the more known OEMs like oneplus (oneplus 6) and samsung (s9 series) actually reinforces my faith that if Asus wants to it can easily update Zenfone 5z to android 11 based on Zen UI 7
Secondly oneplus,samsung and pixel have promised 3 major android updates as of now i think if Asus wants to remain competitive it should do the same as the price point between flagships Zenfones/Rog phones is nearing a similar price point to the above mentioned OEMs
S10 series and above will get updated to android 11
S9 albeit won't get A11 but samsung has confirmed it to get one ui 2.5
Oneplus 6 will also get updated to android 11 based on OOS 11
5z's last major feature updates were back in the Oreo/pie days alas we never got night sight mode in stock camera considering we do have OIS,no change in camera ui (it still has that outdated 2018 ui design),no vowifi, arcore and no hd prime support due to technical limitations in either case
I honestly don't mind either of the above if Asus plans to update 5z to A11 or atleast Zen UI 7 🙂
Plus Asus as of now doesn't have an extensive lineup of phones to maintain as compared to the likes of oneplus, samsung etc
I think Asus should provide 3 major updates too
@Anders_ASUS please bring up this topic in one of your next internal meetings and if possible include 5z 😄
Zen UI 7 has significant improvements in aesthetics,some nifty features like scheduled dark mode,the new battery care options,the new game genie from Rog phones with fps meter and updated Asus first party apps
Zenfone 5z has a very large and active community(much larger than Zenfone 6's) both here on zentalk and on other sites such as telegram etc
We hope for the best 🤞

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All this but truth is that everything has a lifetime and 5z is ending now
Needs new update search for custom ROM

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All this but truth is that everything has a lifetime and 5z is ending now

Needs new update search for custom ROM

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Well custom rom is not everyone's cup of tea and we know that 5z update cycle was about to end that's why we are here to ask Asus to change their strategy by extending support for 5z because 5z is very capable in terms of a flagship device 🙂

Rising Star I
Zenui 7 got much needed improvements over the Zenui 6. Even 5z and 6z had much difference in Zenui 6 from the start. We only got bugs in A10 and not a single feature or improvement over the A9.
When new GPU drivers released for SD845 we didn't had it. I'm pretty sure if Nearby sharing feature was in your hand you wouldn't give us. It takes you guys 2 whole months just to remove one bug. Here custom rom developers are giving much more than just bug fixes every month and it takes whooping 10 months just to give us bug free OS. If a single developer can do this much then why are you doing this to us.
Companies like Xiaomi and realme launches around 8-10 phones every year and they still get the timely update and here you are launching one phone a year and still lagging behind in updates and features. My older Redmi note 3 had more features than this.
There's much improvement needed in camera department apart from night mode. Photos taken with every camera are dull in colour. Front and wide cameras are just for the show. Colours from these cams are far from reality.
These are some important missing feature/ remaining bugs.
Night mode in camera
Three finger screenshot
New GPU drivers
Auto Dark mode + Dark mode toggle in notification shade
Auto rotation bug (Auto rotation not working properly)
Battery temperature in battery settings (Zenui 5 had this)
Amazon prime HD support
Wide angle and selfie cams are dull
Internet speed meter