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[5z] Bad Service! Battery Changed 4 Months ago and now it is very Badly Degraded, Seeing Idle Drain.

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Model Name: ZS620KL
Firmware Version:
Rooted or not: Not
Frequency of Occurrence: Daily
APP Name & APP Version (If your issue relates to the app): Hardware issue related to new replaced Battery.
On February 24th i got my battery changed from authorised service centre by paying a certain amount thinking that i can use my Zenfone 5z for another 2 years, even when i was getting normal 4hrs of satisfactory SOT for normal use from my 2.6 year old original battery.
About Changed/Replaced battery :-
Until 4 months there was no problem with my changed battery i use to daily get 6hrs of SOT for normal usage. And there was no idle drain.
From last 15 days i started seeing a lot of idle drain issue where i always need to charge my device for 2 times in a day (4 months old new Battery). So here i thought it may be a software issue and i still awaited and tried many battery restricting features for day to day usage but nothing helped and belive me i use to put my device on charge daily with battery care features i.e scheduled charging,Switch by battery level,Dynamic charging upto 80% and many other workarounds but still behaviour of my battery remained as it is. And with frustration Later after 12 days i decided to factory data reset to see if that will help. But issue is still the same.
After Factory data Reset :-
Behaviour is still the same even after using all battery caring features,even i use auto start manager denied all apps and also have restricted many apps but no help.
Now what i am seeing is if i dont use my phone for so long or u can say if it is kept idle/Standby drain keeps running in background while super clean feature for all apps is On, as soon as i lock my device Drain is continous. you can say for for every 1.5 Hr of idle time battery drains 4-5 percent approximately.
Daily while i Go to sleep i have turned super saving mode On, what i see is if i keep my battery 20% before going to sleep at 4.30am until in the morning when i wake up at 10.30am i see that my battery is 2-3% remaining or sometimes phone is switched Off.
Now here i really doubt if my replaced/changed battery is original. Which is provided by authorised service centre. I trusted Authorised service centre for Original battery and so i decided to take a chance and what i now see is something fisshy here even after paying so much to replace a battery. How can a origianal battery degrade soo much just in 4months after replacement?? While my old original battery which came with device use to give me 4hrs of SOT even after 2.5 years of usage before replacement.
Here are some proofs with date and time how battery is degraded and keeps doing idle drain while i was working for long time without unlocking my device (Auto start manager all apps are denied)👇:-
At 4.55 pm 50%
At 6.20 pm 46%
At 8.03 pm 41%
Now at night while going to sleep :-
At 4.25 am 20% (Super saving On)
At 10.58 am 3% (Woke up)
Overall SOT i am getting for normal use (4 months old battery only)👇:-
Battery page doesnt show that idle drain i dont know why,but aside battery starts to drain continous in the background as soon as i lock my device. 🥺😰
I never had any issues with my Zenfone 5z till date but just taking my device to Authorised service centre to change my battery by trusting them ruined my all Flagship experince and now i am frustrated with such backup. Is my replaced/changed battery not an original battery..??
help me with the solution my battery is still new. I am sad with spare service.
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Google Play service ID culprit in my case. And it works in mysterious ways. Sometime it eats the battery, sometime it works just fine.