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2 years update policy for 5z..

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Can the Mods please tell that the 2 year update policy will be applicable to the Zenfone 5z till future or is there any chance that it will recieve Android 11(R) this year. Pls don't give the answers in for ex. Its still under evaluation or etc. Bored listening to same answers!!😑

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What kind of update policy is that ? They should justify the Buyers request.

I think that policy motto is Pushing customers to buy a new phone . For New features .

Definitely i m not gonna buy asus anymore .

Asus don't have any big line-up on their Mobile sales list. Making OS for 3 line up isn't that hard . If they want to compete with major competitors . They should reconsider their Update policy immediately .

I guess zenfone 5z has the highest sales percentage than any zenfone phones .

They should take care zenfone 5z than any phone .

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That isn't how that works for example samsung now vouchs for 3 android versions but they left out their S9 series out of that list and consider this 5z sales overall was nowhere near what samsung sold of their S9 series
Asus's own Rog lineup doesn't even have 2 android updates confirmed to be honest (Rog 1 just one android version) Rog 2's isn't confirmed to get A11 yet and Rog 3 is in beta stage right now, Zenfone costs like half of rog series so less phones does not mean less work for them
Let Asus figure out their policies and hopefully their future policies vouch for 3 android versions but that'll happen if they sell more I guess