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Right PIN doesn't unlock the screen after battery runs off

Star I
ZF Model: ZB553KL
Firmware/APP Version: WW_Phone-15.0400.1907.513-0
Frequency of Occurrence: twice
Rooted: No
APP Name:

Last edited by jethinho on 2019/9/7 03:16 The energy of the battery runs off and I connect ithe device in a power supply. After some minutes I turn on the device and I try to put the pin number, but I receive a "incorrect pin number" message. I'm sure the pin I'm putting it's right. It's the second time I had to do a hard reset my device because that. For some reason the PIN are being lost after the device turns off. But this doesn't happen everytime the battery runs off.

Zen Master I
Hi jethinho, We're afraid we are not seeing this same situation on our ZD553KL right now. Could you check if this problem is also appearing in the latest firmware version WW-15.0400.1909.516? If it is, could you tell us the battery level this problem happens in? Thank you 🙂