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Outgoing caller sound is completely broken ans distorted and cannot be unders...

ZF Model: ZE554KL
Firmware/APP Version: OPR1.170623.032.WW_Phone-15.0610.1811.18-0/25.1.033_180226
Frequency of Occurrence: 2208/1843
Rooted: No
APP Name: Asus call screen

When using the latest version of asus call screen I get two issues. First, the proximity sensor will not worki using any wired headsets, and fine and working hardware otherwise. Second, and not cleared as the first one when reverting to this version of asus call screen. When calls are made with the internal mic therefore not using a headset, the sound sent to the other side, the caller sound is completely broken and distorted to the point nobody can understand on the other side but fine otherwise and always fine recording sound in any app. The phone has had its display replaced by professionals but the problem seems to only have appeared very much later, probably with a asus ota update. Can anyone help? I always had ok google disabled by the way, and installed no new sound or dialer related apps. Thanks.

Zen Master I
Hi guilherminocorreia, We're afraid in our design it is expected that the proximity sensor works without the wired headset attached. When calls sound broke, can you try calling with a different SIM card with a different SIM carrier, and check if the problem still appears? If the problem still appears, we would suggest you back up your phone and bring your phone to your local service center for a check. Service Center: Thank you!

Are you sure it is a hardware fault? Because I've just installed a new phone+dialer+contacts app and everything works fine.