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mixed problems with sound - WW-16.0620.1912.23

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ZF Model: ZE554KL
Firmware/APP Version: WW-16.0620.1912.23
Frequency of Occurrence: allways
Rooted: No
APP Name:

Hi there. I updated from Android 8 to the last beta Android 9 (WW-16.0620.1912.23). Now in apps like WhatsApp and telegram when I'm listening a voice messages, the receiver don't works. When has a bluetooth earphone connect and the phone has in do not disturb mode, the sound is played by speaker. Anyone has the same problems?

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Is anyone there who does not experience bugs in beta Pie version? And does beta version has ASUS apps included like Splendid, Audio Wizard and zenUI apps for cleaning memory? Or it is near stock android look like?

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Hi hpesao,
Could you try reinstalling WhatsApp and Telegram and check again?
If the problem still appears, please tell us the app versions of these two apps.
When listening to voice messages in WhatsApp and Telegram does any sound come from the phone? Is the sound played by the speaker?
When connecting to Bluetooth earphone, is there sound coming from the earphone and the speaker? Or only from the speaker?

Thank you 🙂

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I have the same problem with version .23.
WhatsApp: when listening to audio, the audio comes from the loud speaker, which is the standard and normal.
When I approximate the phone on ear, the sound should come from the in ear speaker, but there is no sound and the audio continues to play.

Another bug: when answering normal calls with the "do not disturb" on, I can answer but the call volume is too low. I barely can't hear the other person. They hear me, but I don't hear them. The volume is hiper low.

Thanks for trying to solve this issues.