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Help me with my ZenFone 4 selfie

Well after i bought my phone i noticed that the power doesnt stay long here i think this could be a problem . I live in bangladesh and i bought this during a tour in singapore and the when i tried to get it checked in malayshia it said that its a home warranty like i only can show it to shops in singapore and i dont think im going there any time soon so please help me out

Zen Master I
FAHIM[sulfuricacid] posted on 2019/4/16 16:30 Weii i dont see the option for giving a picture and in airplane mode over six hours of screen ...
Hi FAHIM[sulfuricacid], Is the problem still appearing? If you have collected screenshots and you are using ZenTalk app, you may upload images by tapping on the area marked red below. Thank you 🙂

this update is very bad battery charger paroblam . plz update change'