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What's your next phone if Zenfone 11 never sees the light?

Star I

So I'm very disappointed with Zenfone 11 Ultra. I don't care for enormous screens, I like convenience of a compact fits-in-a-hand phones. I'm thinking to wait till the Fall, see if Zenfone 11 be anounced and if not buy a Sony Xperia 5 V. What does reddit think?


Rising Star I

Because I'm on the Zenfone 10 and my upgrade cycle is usually 2-3 years I would have likely skipped the 11, but honestly I still get Pixel envy when it comes to camera output so perhaps I'd see what Google are up to in 2-3 years time. I really want Tensor to NOT be Exynos-based - that's the main thing keeping me off those phones.

Rising Star I

Just a consideration on my part. I used an Asus 5Z for five years and it was time to look for a new cell phone. I finally decided on the Zenfone 11 Ultra.

I have been using it extensively since this week. It is very very pleasant and friendly to use, and extremely fast.  The absence of  bloatware should also not to be underestimated.

Star III

I'll be hanging on to my Z10 as it is just the right size and the ultra is plainly too big for me. Really tired of big phones anyway.  

Rising Star I

@khogak4 - I'm looking at the same timeline as you and also thinking about the Sony 5 as a replacement if a compact ZF11 doesn't appear.

I currently have a ZF8, which bricked itself Dec 2023, luckily had it fixed under warranty, and I use a Sony XZ2 as my backup phone which I really like, but a bit heavy and overheats now.