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OS updates

Star III

Dear Asus,

Can you consider giving us 3-4 major os updates? Announced two is very small in compare to others big companies (7 if I remember correctly?).
This would give You lots of good PR!
Im writing this as big fan of Zenfone series (started with number 2).



Rising Star II

I login to just write similar post as the OP of this one.


Asus you really need to rethink your strategy, people will not going to buy these phones if you keep them locked and dont promise to keep them updated, it is great phone because of hardware, like any zenfone from zf6 but people (your paying customers) are tired of this. Why make ewaste? I will not upgrade my zf6 and 8 to this, just because i cannot own it (where that unlock tool is??) and keep it running just couple of years. 

Community Legend I

7 is only offered by Samsung and Google at the moment. Oneplus does 4 on top flagships and most of the Chinese competition does 3. (With an extra year of patches). So yup for an 2024 release in this price bracket , Asus should atleast offer 3 os updates.

Us older Zenfone users have had a lot of threads regarding the same in the past, the most common response with some moderators I had a rapport with back then was that Asus smartphone division is not big and profitable enough to offer that level of support. So yeah this was way back in 2020 iirc.