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Zenfone 10 unlock bootloader does not work!

Star I


I received my Zenfone 10 today and tried to unlock the bootloader with the Asus unlock app The app failed with error code 24803. Is there a newer/working version of the app or are there other ways to unlock the bootloader?

I'am really disappointed that this does not work because the ability to unlock the bootloader and root the device was the main reason I bought the Asus instead of other high-end smartphones like the Samsung S23 or the Xiaomi 13.


Shame on them

Not buying the Zenphone 10.

Star II

Is there any update? I'm looking to buy this phone but I've been waiting to make sure this bootloader unlock option is actually happening. It was already a hard enough phone to get from an availability by country perspective. 

its not coming, i plan on getting the oneplus 12 in about two months when it releases

Is that confirmed though?

I would do the same if that phone wasn't giant.

i can sell you mine if you want 😏