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Zenfone 10 in India

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When will Zenfone 10 be available in India? 

If you don't have plans to launch in India within this year, please make it clear as well. 

I have been holding my phone upgrade for Zenfone 10 availability, but no clarity yet on when we can buy that in India

Thanks and regards

Venugopalan G.


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Same here even myself i m still using my Zenfone 5z as daily driver in the hope of upgrade to a new Zenfone 10.

since zenfone 9 ASUS is repeting this with its dissapointing strategies of not launching its Zenfone series in major markets like india, but unfortunately ASUS also did not launch its Zenfone 9 in india and now again this time i thought would get lucky to own Zenfone 10 but ASUS is repeating this and did not launch Zenfone 10 in india.


😞 This is really dissapointing to its loyal fans i am Asus user since Zenfone 5 (2015 model)  and still hoping for the best plz bring zenfone 10 in india.


Community Manager
Community Manager
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