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zenfone 10 cameras

Star I

hi guys, just got a zenfone 10, and the selfie camera is so bad, other things about the phone are nice, but the selfie camera is very bad, it doesn't look like a camera that should be on a phone that costs $650 usd , I have an s9 and I love the selfie camera on this one way more than the zenfone 10, on s9 if feels like natural reflection, but zenfone 10 feels darker and feels like there are alot of filters added to the selfie camera by Asus. I dont even know what to do. right now I kind of regret buying it might find a way to return it and get an s24 😭


Star I

Try using Gcam instead of the Zenfone camera app - does definitely improve the quality of the pictures, although the Zenfone selfie camera sensor really isn't that good, unfortunately.