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Wireless charging Zenfone 10

Star II

Hi. I bought Zenfone 10 with inductive charging in mind, but it doesn't work properly. Asus declares 15W charging. But when I try to charge with 4 15W chargers, charging shows 2W, I also bought a Xiaomi 50W charger and charging for about 5 minutes shows 7W and then switches to about 3W. Please help.


Star II

I just need to know which Zenfone 10 has the Qi certificate. 1.2? 1.3?

This is a poor forum. Lots of questions and problems and no solutions

For all those who plan to buy a charger, zenfone supports charging with standard 1.3.3 or newer. Currently, such chargers do not exist, even Asus does not have its own charger to check whether the device is working properly...