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What I Want to See on Zenfone 11

Star II

These are just my thoughts on what Asus can, and needs to improve on to capture larger user base, (including me). 

  • Premium looking phone. Bezels and metallic ring around selfie camera are very poor for a 2023 flagship.
  • Unlockable bootloader (I know there was a tool, but it was ppulled and Asus is very unreliable when it comes to that)
  • Brightness. At least 1500 nits.
  • Better design. Camera modules are ugly

Those are just my thoughts, this phone is so incredibly close to being my perfect phone. Hope Asus can really step it up with the 11 series.


Star II

I hope Asus can see this, and I htink it would be very important for them to do so. Many people feel difficult dropping flagship money on a phone which does not look like a flagship.

Star III

here's my take

-5.5 inch bezel less

-telephoto instead of macro camera, gimbal and AF on both sensors

-usb 3.2

-selfie camera placement symmetric to both sides of the corner

-esim support

-longer software support (and provide bootloader unlock tool)

I don't mind charging more for a true compact flagship phone. Current one is both compact-ish and flagship-ish but not quite there.

Rising Star I

I just hope they keep it small and actually provide regular (monthly or quarterly) updates.  They should fix the software problem before radically redesigning the phone or it's simply impossible to even think of buying it.