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Unlock Asus Z10

Star I

Hi Everyone! Is there any update on the bootloader unlocking tool yet? I think its an amazing phone but the capability is limited due to Asus lack of support. Once people start working on custom roms and apps for this phone. I am pretty sure we’ll see an huge upgrade in the camera quality of the phone and we will able to use the fingerprint gesture to do more things which is currently limited by Asus software. Also, since Asus has promised only 2 years of software updates, the ability to install custom roms is a must.


Rising Star II

That's the question you and everyone else wants to know.

From ASUS... essentially we've had radio silence. Keep in mind this doesn't just affect Zenfone 10 owners... I've got a Zenfone 8 and I've seen those even on Zenfone 7 wanting to unlock. I guess we're all fools for waiting until the warranty ran out and support stopped updating us.