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Thoughts on the ASUS Zenfone 10 as an upgrade?

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The 4a is the best phone I've ever owned, but with my phone slowing down, its battery slowly losing capacity and end of support quickly approaching, I'm thinking of upgrading soon.

The Zenfone 10 looks like a great option as it shares some of my favourite features from the 4a: the small form factor, plastic back, 3.5mm jack, and OLED display. Plus it has a faster processor, higher refresh rate, higher quality cameras, an additional ultrawide camera, certified water resistance, and dual SIMs.

It is quite a bit more expensive (US$749 vs $349 for the 4a, or $499 for the 7a), but still below flagship prices. Really seems like the perfect upgrade for those willing to fork over a bit more.

Are there any less expensive new phones that share all the major features of the 4a (small form factor, headphone jack, good camera, OLED screen, etc)?


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dont buy if you want to root your phone

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Zenfone has some bad history as well, Zenfone 8 users got their phone bricked with android 13 update with Asus support providing little to no help. My Asus Zenfone 8 is unable to connect to Wifi for months. I've enjoyed it for 2 years, so probably about time for a switch as well.

Just not Asus again I guess.

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