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Status bar bug after update 34.1004.0204.143

Star II

Hello everyone!

I noticed a weird bug after the latest update. The network speed metre in status bar always displays "0 B/s" unless "refresh rate" is also enabled.

Please, help!

Thank you.


Hello @Mansi_ASUS,

Did you have any chance to take a look at the logs from ?

Thank you.

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happen to me also, btw thanks for "refresh rate" solution.. will use it till further fix

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Exactly the same problem here. Whoever Asus engineers are, they are totally incapable while releasing updates without checking everything

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Hi @Mansi_ASUS, thank you for your reply. I'm sorry for the long waiting time on my side.

Here you can find a folder where I uploaded the requested log and a screen recording of the issue.

I was downloading an .iso file from so to be shure that there was internet trafic while recording. I also turned off and on the "refresh rate" status icon a couple of times to reproduce the bug. At the end of the recording I was also able to replicate the issue with no other status icon active other than "refresh rate".

Please update me whenever the files in the folder are in your possession so that i can remove the sharing access.

Thank you.