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Shame, ASUS

Star II

It's 2024 now, and there's none about Zenfone 10 bootloader unlock tool. What a shame, ASUS, we've waited for a year.

You guys know why we support Zenfone, the symbol of fans, the flagship of small screen phones.

No esim? OK I accept it. Outdated camera sensor? OK I take it. But how dare you ignoring your loyal fans? You know that you don't have brilliant system, right? That's why we need root to optimise our zenphones.

We fans are so tolerant, and it's how you treat us. I'm considering the upcoming Pixel 9 or Galaxy S24. No more Zenfone, you shameless.


Star II

Media overpraised you, so you are overconfident, huh?

Star III

They do not  even bother to reply these days, what a bunch of scammers.

I am collecting all the information from the past 12 months and I will be making a documentary + dedicated website. Hopefully people can then be informed properly and stay away from Asus.

Star II

@Laura_ASUSIs there anyone you can find to shed some light on this? We're still waiting for this. I would like to get this phone but really can't justify it without this.

Star I

its not just Zenfone 10... they've silently dropped all support for any bootloader unlocks for older phones as well, phone's that were bought with the promise of an unlockable bootloader. this is just scummy - at least give us an official statement to let us know what's happening. on launch they get free advertising because of their unlockable bootloader, plus there's still all kinds of outdated "how to unlock your bootloader on zenfone" articles out there.  you might as well be lying to people at this point.