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Question for US Zenfone 10 purchasers that are on T-Mobile

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I used to be actually searching forward to this cellphone and have been dreaming of the day to get back to a Nexus five kind tool and this looks as if a pretty near comparison all matters considered. I was very excited to peer the information of it getting released and all the remarkable opinions earlier than then. Geared up for an afternoon one buy.

Then I began analyzing this subreddit and saw a handful of put up speakme about network bands. Particularly for T-mobile and the way the Zenfone nine did not take care of the n41_n71 band effectively. From my knowledge and reading through a few submit (top comment on this one is maximum insightful) that the Zenfone nine would not assist service Aggregation and due to which you lose out on the overall capability of T-cellular's 5GUC and are stuck with slower upload speeds. For me the upload speeds don't count, however average I don't need a subpar experience.

What then put it over the top is the way it wireless Calling/Texting does now not come baked into the settings and with the Zenfone nine you've got do use a dialer code to allow it on every reboot. Any other subpar experience.

So the query goes out to all you T-cell Zenfone 10 US model buyers of yesterday and nowadays, did approximately these issues? In case you did understand, what changed into your reasoning to miss those two areas? And in case you didn't recognise, does knowing approximately those troubles exchange your mind in any respect?


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I'm on T-mobile in the Phoenix area and haven't had any network issues so far with my new Zenfone 10. I purchased it from ASUS with the US release. So far it seems to be using 5g network without issue. I was alarmed at first that the wifi calling seemed non-existent, but I found the code to use on the dialer in a  reddit thread to activate it, and since using that it's switching back and forth to wifi calling without issue. I work in a building without any cell service in many areas, so wifi calling is a must. It is a bit annoying to have to enter the code after restarting the phone, but it's workable at least. 

For anyone who doesn't know an needs it, to activate wifi calling for T-mobile enter *#*#3642623344#*#* into the dialer and wifi calling will be acitavted and appear in the Network&Internet-Call menu.