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OptiFlex — unavailable for some apps?

Star II

So there is this feature called OptiFlex that helps keeping apps in memory to avoid reloading, which is exactly what I'd like for my browser apps.

In system settings it can be enabled for specific apps, and I see Firefox browser there. However, aside from regular "Firefox" app I also use "Firefox Beta" app, but the latter doesn't show on the list and I can't enable it to be handled by OptiFlex.

Why so? Even though it has "beta" in its name, for Android it should be just a normal app. It's a regular app downloaded from Play Store and completely separate from "main" Firefox app, with a different name and icon. And at the same time it should work in a similar manner, not sure why would any external feature recognise the "main" app but not the "beta" one.

So what might be the reason for Firefox Beta to not show on the list, are there any requirements to work with OptiFlex known that an app might not satisfy? Any ideas?