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Earphones Zenfone 10

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What kind of earphones do you use with Zenfone 10? I want to use small Button model, not Bluetooth. There is some problems during calls. I can hear well but the person I'm talking to says that there is strange noise. I have tried to use three different earphones and this happens every time. 



Hey @Sari,

Can you please share the model of the earphones you use?

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I use these old iPhone earphones 😂 so if you have something to recommend, I would be grateful. 


There is an explanation to this.

Apple used for ages a very proprietary way of wiring the 3,5, which is why many headphones back in the days were made either "For Android" or "For iPhone", using iPhone (or for iPhone) headphones would give all kinds of weird results, such as hearing weird noises, barely any noise, buttons not always working and more, see it as more of a different configuration, made "Only for Apple".

I would recommend just using a headset made not specifically for iPhone and you should have no problems 😄

Now I have tried new headset (not for iPhone) and the same problem still occurs. 

I think the headphone jack is not ok. 

So much noise when spinning it. 

During a call I need to remove and put back the plug many times because of bad sound.