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Do you think Zenfone 10 is better then S23?

Star I

I have S23 base model. I am satisfied with the phone, but some things like stuttering in the UI animations, not that good battery life and the most important - more compact size make me want to change the phone.


Samsung has great update policy. I am receiving updates every 1-2 months.

The camera is solid. Something that Zenfone is not that good at.

Goodlock modules are really useful.


Star III

I like my Zenfone, battery is better than S23 and the pixel 7 and 7a. I dislike the Samsung aesthetics so I prefer more stock Android. The pictures on the Zenfone are fine enough for me (very subjective). In the end depends what you thinks are your needs. 

Rising Star I

No stick with the S23.  The zf10 is not worth it; it's thick and feels heavier compared to the S23 even though they are the same'sh weight.   Also, Asus just does a horrible job at updating their phones regularly.  Current experience for the ZF9 shows you might get every other month updates for the 6-9 months and then just drop to semi-annual or annual.   Battery is marginally better in my experience but ofc every experience is different based on usage, signal, apps, etc. Make sure you check with your carrier, Asus is not supported by all carriers on things like WiFi Calling/Visual Voicemail etc. so you could be giving up a fair amount depending.  

Star III

S23 is quite a clear winner in terms of spec but I'm staying with Zenfone 10 for durable plastic back, 3.5mm jack and slightly narrower width.

Actually I want the phone to be iPhone-mini sized but Zenfone 10 is already the smallest Android flagship I can get right now.