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Capture the Christmas Cheer: A Photo Thread


'Tis the season to capture the magic of Christmas through your Zenfone lens! This thread is all about embracing the joy of the holidays with your photography skills.

Tips to Make Your Christmas Photos Shine:

🌟 Lighting: Experiment with the twinkling lights, cozy candlelit scenes, and the warmth of fireplaces to create captivating contrasts in your photos.
📸 Camera Techniques: Explore different angles, perspectives, and compositions. Don’t hesitate to try out the portrait mode for those candid shots.


  • Exclusively Zenfone Snaps- All the photos must be clicked using a Zenfone.
  • Keep it friendly and respectful. We are trying to spread the holiday cheer! Let's maintain a welcoming and respectful atmosphere throughout the thread.
  • One photo per post, but feel free to make multiple posts.
  • Share your camera settings, preferred modes (such as night mode for the sparkling Christmas lights), and any tips or tricks you used to capture the perfect Christmas shot.
  • To ensure we maintain the joyful ambiance of sharing beautiful snapshots, kindly avoid comments or posts related to debugging, complaints, or issues here.

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nice event, but I have to remind you guys of the bootloader unlock issue

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Thanx, its very true.