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[BUG] Main menu widget blocks swiping up/down

Star III

As I can't delete my previous thread.

Widget on main menu blocks accessing Notification bar and app drawer. See attached video.

I did reboot and it worked as it should but then after a while again problem appeared.

I did two more reboots and it didn't help.

Then I shut down and powered on phone and it started to work normally. See video in reply as I can only attach one file.


Star III

Not yet, but it didn't happen on first day of me using phone and appeared only later.

Currently main screen works fine, but when I switch to side screen where I also have 2 widgets (calendar and google notes), I can access Notification bar and App drawer only when swiping on empty space near widgets.

So the issue is still present, but at least main screen is working fine, so far.


Hey @Ershin,
Can you please share a log for the issue?