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Batery Usage monitoring Z10 Disappeared

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Hi All, 

I got my Z10 a month ago and everything is so good. Until this morning when i want to see, what apps that consume the most batery usage in menu setting->battery->batery usage just blank like this


 why this happen?


Hey @Sekti_01,

I have reported the issue to the R&D. I will get back to you once I hear from the team.

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I think I was right on the money. Once I charged the phone to 80% (which was the limit I set), the issue went away. So you might want to do a full charge to the limit you set and see if it resolves the issue @Sekti_01 .

Hmmm i don't think so. Because like what i said before, i always do full charging (with limit I set or not) i did't work. 

But this day it appear by it self. 


 I have no idea why this happened.

Is there any software update?


 I just see there is an update, but I have not dowload yet. Then how did this problem suddenly end?

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Hm, then mine was just a coincidence then. Well, at least ASUS is aware of this now. We just need to wait and see.