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Accidental locking

Star III

When the ZF10 is locked and the screen is on I often tend to press the power button to unlock instead of just touching the button. It's nice to have the fingerprint reader integrated with the power button but it is a bit difficult to train two parallel muscle memories for the same button.

I would like the phone to behave slightly differently. When the phone is locked and the screen is on I prefer a button press to only unlock the phone and not turn it off immediately after. This happens all too often and is quite annoying. So basically a button press shouldn't turn off the screen and lock the phone when the phone is still locked at the very moment the button is being pressed.


Star I

Personally I am more concerned with accidentally unlocking the phone all the time when putting it into my pocket, and would prefer to have to click the button to unlock, not just touch it. But I agree with you that the button functions are confusing.

Just touching it now doesn't unlock my phone so that's not a concern for me. Just make sure you always press the button or double tap to put the phone to sleep.

I just find it annoying that the phone locks when I don't want it to. Even though I understand why it happens I can't train myself to prevent it from happening every time.