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UX582HS Fan Profiles Corrupted?

Star I
System: Windows 11
Battery or AC: Both
Model: UX582HS, Bios 303, MyAsus
Frequency of occurrence: Continuous
Reset OS: No
Screenshot or video: no
Detailed description: Hi everyone! After updating my PC to the newest version of MyAsus and Windows 11, fans are at a standstill under performance mode. So far the CPU temperatures maxed out at 92C with a fanspeed of 0rpm, with the fans speeds going to 1.4k RPM on a load at 70C on occasion. I've tested the fans under the support tab of MyAsus and they run normally, ramping up and down on the test, maxing out at 5K+ RPM. The normal green light underneath my PC for performance mode no longer shows. I've tried alternate software to control the fans, but the fans aren't detected. I've reinstalled both MyAsus and the ProArt Creator Hub, to no avail. Everything worked perfectly before the newest updates.

Star I
After rolling back Windows 11, and by nature, the MyAsus version, the fan profiles were working normally again. However, upon restarting MyAsus, an autoupdate rolled out and the fan profiles are once again not working.
If anyone knows of a fix or where the information for the profiles is stored within MyAsus, please help. The system's current throttling has been a detriment to my work.

Rising Star II
Mine runs smoothly after updating to

Hello, 10mdg . Thank you for reaching out.
Could you please help confirm the following question?
1. Did the fan issue not exist prior to updating Windows 11 and MyASUS?
2. After updating myAsus, is it possible to also update related software such as ASUS System Control Interface v3, ASUS ScreenXpert Interface, etc.?
3. What tool did you use to measure the CPU's temperature and fan speed? Could you please provide screenshots of the testing result?
4. Are there any problems in use? abnormal sounds, freezing, or other abnormal conditions?
5. Please select the [Power] icon, press and hold the [Shift] key on the keyboard, as well as select [Shut down] at the same time to turn the computer completely off, then check if the problem persists after rebooting.
Thank you.