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Link to MyAsus with Samsung Galaxy Note10+

Rising Star II
System: Windows 10 64-bit
Battery or AC: Either
Model: UX482EG
Frequency of occurrence: Continuous
Reset OS:
Screenshot or video:
I'm trying to connect link to MyAsus to my Samsung Galaxy Note 10+, but it wont connect.
What I have done so far was:
Reinstall Laptop from scratch;
Hard reset my Note10+ Phone;
Tried other device, iphone 7, and it connects perfectly;
Has anyone been successful connecting a Galaxy, namely Note 10 to Link to My Asus app?

Rising Star II
Thanks Blake:
Today I'll try with a firend's Note10+, if it doesn't work I think I'll change my phone to the Note20Ultra, it seems to work according to the following post:

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Hello MotoWiZ,
I have updated the progress in that thread.
Thank you.