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My duo 14 cannot run spiderman (Homecoming) on Meta Quest 2 VR

Hi thereCan anyone share some experiences running SpiderMan Homecoming by Cable Link?Mine cannot run it. I connect my Quest 2 to Zenbook duo 14 with a cable link (the cable connection test passed with a rate of data transmission). I selected NVidia R...

FongPoui by Rising Star II
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Zenbook Pro Duo GLOWING HOT in standby

System: Win11 betaBattery or AC: ACModel: UX581GVFrequency of occurrence: 3 - 4 nights per weekReset OS: ?Screenshot or video: ========================Detailed description:Hi everyone,when I put my computer to sleep and come back some hours later, it...

Zenbook pro duo 15 UX582 touch inputs not working on screenpad+

I got my Zenbook Pro Duo 15 yesterday (i9 11900h, RTX 3060). It's been great except for one thing: the touch screen and stylus inputs aren't working on the lower screen, and instead is being mirrored to the top screen. For example, if i have the hand...

UX301LA Bad keyboards

System: Battery or AC: Model: Frequency of occurrence: Reset OS: Screenshot or video: ========================My Zenbook has gone through 3 keyboards. Different keys just stop working intermittently until they quit entirely. The replacements go bad...

raylo by Star I
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pSystem: ASUS LaptoBattery or AC: Model: M1N0CX 138290038Frequency of occurrence: EverydayReset OS: Screenshot or video: ========================Detailed description:Numberpad turns on randomly without selecting it and I am unable to turn it off. I ...

My Screen Is Flickering and it's really annoying

System: Windows 11Battery or AC: BothModel: Zenbook Flip 13 UX363JAFrequency of occurrence: Everytime i use Some Adobe Software for longtimeReset OS: Screenshot or video: ========================Detailed description:Everytime i use some adobe softwa...

elsueno by Star I
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Processor wont boost over stock speed after update

System: Windows 11 64Model: UN5401QProcessor: Ryzen 5800H========================Detailed description:After the windows update KB5015814 processor won't boost over stock core speed. terminals are ok 50°C on the charger. Is there a solution for this p...

Kozolej by Star I
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Asus Zenbook UX481FL - DisplayPort

System: x64-based PCBattery or AC: NAModel: Zenbook UX481FLFrequency of occurrence: Reset OS: Windows 10BIOS Mode: UEFI========================I tried to find a solution to solve a USB-C to DisplayPort connection, but found none.I want to connect thi...

Jcosta by Star I
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no thunderbolt drivers for zenbook pro 14 duo oled (UX8402ZE)

System: Asus Zenbook Pro 14 Duo Oled (UX8402ZE)Battery or AC: Battery or ACModel: UX8402ZEFrequency of occurrence: allwaysReset OS: Screenshot or video: ========================Detailed description:i have searching high and Low and so far unable to...

eyedear by Star I
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