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Cable for Asus XS512DA Laptop to connect SSD to motherboard

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System: Asus Vivobook
Battery or AC: Hard drive
Model: XS512DA
Frequency of occurrence: always
Reset OS: no
Screenshot or video: na
Detailed description:
I have an ASUS XS512DA laptop that has a free slot for an SSD hard drive. I bought an SSD, but can't determine the cable needed to connect it. I need help determining the cable. Attached is a picture of the free slot and cable plug in location.


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Hi, have a look at that, you got all the parts needed -
copy/paste from amazon comments :
Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 16 August 2020
Colour Name: GreySize Name: 15.6 inchConfiguration: Ryzen 5 + 256GB SSDVerified Purchase
What else can I say about this Laptop that hasn't already been said... It is, for the price, an excellent brand name laptop in the upper-mid-range of the Windows laptop market. All the pros have already been listed (there are far more pros than cons) but listing a few cons may actually help you get a better feel for this product before you splash-out the not inconsiderable price on this device. The con I want to address here, (along with the solution) is the fact that Asus Europe DO NOT include the HDD/SSD upgrade kit as standard, as they do for these mode;s in Asia... Knowing this downside actually helps you make an informed decision, especially if you're equipped with the solution, which I will provide.

Before I get to that, I want to mention the trackpad... I guarantee, that it will irritate you at some point, more than once. It seems to have a mind of its own at times, and those "times usually occur when you are trying to scroll. It's not a game changer or a mega downside, but it is something to be aware of.

The biggest con in the pros-and-cons list is the HDD upgrade failure... Inside these laptops, there is an empty bay and cable connector which is there to let you upgrade the laptop with a 2.5" HDD or 2.5" SSD to go alongside the M.2 NVME SSD drive that comes pre-installed... Asus in Asia supply this range of laptops with a 2.5" HDD upgrade kit, which Asus Europe do not supply. The kit includes the Sata-to-MoBo cable (I think it's ten pin, but don't quote me - I'll link to Amazon's part page for it in a bit). The kit also incudes the flexible caddy for the drive which fits perfectly into the drive bay (see the picture I've attached).

For the caddy, got to the Asus Europe website (en.accessoires-asus) and/or search for part number 13NB0KA3L10111 - You will probably have to pay for it in Euros (about 12 Euros at the time of this review, direct from Asus Europe - Maybe they will become available from UK merchants soon). The picture I have attached is of one of these caddies.

For the cable, search Amazon UK's website for B07YGT468J (ASIN number)

I've bought two of these laptops from Amazon and upgraded them both using these parts to fit a 1TB 2.5" SSD in one, and a 750GB 2.5" HDD in the other... It took a while to find these parts, because there was very little info available about them at the time... This info is everything you need to upgrade these laptops with a second Hard Drive easily and cheaply.... BTW I've upgraded the RAM in one of them from the standard 8GB to 18GB of RAM.

RAM upgrade to 18GB using the Samsung 16GB DDR4 SODIMM2400 MHz Laptop Memory Module/Stick - search Amazon UK for: B074PNTC8L (permanent 2GB is already onboard) - Note, there is ONLY ONE slot for RAM, so you will have to take out the installed RAM module to insert the upgrade, so you should buy the RAM module that has your desired capacity, NOT using the method of adding the two chips together, such as 8GB + 12GB = 20GB.

go to YouTube and search for Y9R3dMxdHhA where there is a quick demo of how to fit the extra drive in the Laptop... It's not all English, but the demo is self-explanatory, and it is the video I used... Indeed, watching it, made me search for the missing parts, leading me to the discovery that in Asus Europe's laptops, Asus don't supply them like they do as standard in Asia. Grrr. Lol.

I really hope all this information helps you with your new Asus VivoBook laptop. I can't recommend this excellent upper-mid range Windows Laptop enough, especially now that you know you can easily and cheaply upgrade them at a later date, despite Asus Europe not including these bits.