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List of Complains after using 3 months

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After three months of use i am frustrated with this phone . It did not deliver the value i paid for it .This overpriced piece of garbage does not live up to the name of Republic of Gamers .The only silver lining are the air triggers . But that does make up for the dissapointment that is the ROG Phone .Thinking of selling at this point . Here are my list of complaints -Mediocre camera -ASUS official cover which i bought for 80$ with the phone was a joke . It offers no protection on the sides -Its halfway into March . New android version announced . Yet this did not recieve the android pie update . Despite being the highest priced smartphone ASUS had to offer -Nothing much significant on the software side . Not even a built in 2nd theme . And dont tell me to download the crap on the store -What the hell is this slow charging after 80% . Get me to 100% will you -Front Camera is awful -This phone is specially vulnerable to dents and scratches due to the awkward design on the sides -Dirt gets trapped easily around the sides ( side of phone and back cover specially around the copper cooling area on the back cover ) I have never expeeienced this on any other phone -Annoying software issues are faced on a daily basis -So many bugs to be fixed . Yet New updates bring in more annoying issues than previously faced -Where the hell is any update for this ?

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So much complaiments for what ? If you don't live clean ofc it gonna get dirt into it it's for the ladies that likes to take selfies in social media; the cover it's made so you can use the cooler when you play it's you take care of your stuff won't worry about protection ...about the software update o can say I am a bit disappointed to ...but maybe they prepare something ...

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Last edited by Zunkey on 2019/3/17 21:49 AI charging has a skip once option at 80% when you click it's notification After three months how haven't you noticed this yet ._. Can also be disabled outright. Dirt is an issue; however it wipes out with a screen fibre cloth very easily, isnt really "trapped" as much as it's deposited in the sides. Camera isn't a priority on a gaming phone Themes compatibility is meh all over the board, even with substratum Phone case is fine, if it covered the sides it wouldn't have air triggers anymore. It is drop rated at 1m, but careful anyway. I personally wouldn't use a case on this phone, except the back is glass and WILL scratch on desks etc from dirt on them. Case covers the back and therefore does said job. Asus at this rate should skip pie and prepare for Q

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Last edited by Jei_ASUS on 2019/3/18 15:34 Hi maailasif, We are sorry for the unpleasant experience. If there is any information you could provide us about the issues you are facing on your phone, we could take a look into them and check if there is any possibility of improving these issues. Thank you for the phone case suggestion. This suggestion has been passed on to the team in charge for future consideration of our phone design. For camera, software issues, and charging issue, if you have not updated to the latest firmware version WW-15.1630.1902.80 yet, we would advise you to update to the latest firmware and check again. If the problem is still appearing, For camera problem, could you show us original photos that exhibit the problem you would like to reflect? Please tell us what settings and lighting the photo is shot in, and your camera version. For charging slow, are you using the original cable and charger? Could you tell us how long it takes charging from a certain % to 100%? Could you tell me, or show me screenshots of the kind of software issues appears on your phone? Thank you for your understanding. 🙂

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eduardcst posted on 2019/3/17 17:48 So much complaiments for what ? If you don't live clean ofc it gonna get dirt into it it's ...
No eduardcst Just like zunka who commented right below you said. Dirt is indeed an issue . It is deposited on the sides. Maybe you need to look more I cant quite imagine your concept of this 'Living clean' because as far as im concerned i do live pretty clean according to societies standards . Maybe youre a stay home person 24/7 . And this doesnt occur to you . . I just want to say this is a Mobile Phone . Its meant to be used as a mobile phone as well . So im saying dirt does get deposited unusually on the sides on a day to day basis . I havent had this problem on any other phone