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Asus Rog Phone Calling

So my issue this time is when I am connected to Wi-Fi, with the phone, I cannot receive calls. I can receive text messages, which I guess makes sense, since those just wait until you have a proper signal and then send them. But phone calls I don't ge...

Maas 360 App gets crashed on ROG phone

Model: ZS600KLRAM: 8GFirmware/APP Version: 15.1630.1811.46_0Frequency of Occurrence: App gets crashed on every launchRooted: NoAPP Name: Maas360Screenshot: ...

air triggers

I have a problem in air trigger settings when I want to set them in the pupg game. The red and blue circles disappear and do not remain fixed so that they do not respond when the air trigger is activated.

data transfer options don't work

Model: ZS600KLRAM: 8GFirmware/APP Version: 2.048.097Frequency of Occurrence: every timeRooted: NoAPP Name: Asus Data Transfer Last edited by gregh on 2019/2/3 16:58 There doesn't seem to be a way to transfer data from my old phone. Here's what I'v...

gregh by Star I
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ROG phone Apps freezes and screen stuck on freezed app

Hi I have a ROG phone 2 months old. Since last week I have a problem that some apps freezes while using them. When the app freezes the back button do not work home button does not, you cannot scroll the screen, only the recent app button works but e...

4G Connection Unstable

Frequency of Occurrence: EverydayFirmware/APP Version: OPM1.171019.026.WW_Phone-15.1630.1811.46-0Model: ZS600KLRAM: 8GAPP Name: Rooted: NoHi there, I've noticed that in the ROG Phone community there are people facing the same issue as me across the ...

Device idle and Network standby consuming more battery than apps?

Model: ZS600KLRAM: 8GFirmware/APP Version: WW_ZS600KL_15.1630.1811.46_0Frequency of Occurrence: NormallyRooted: NoAPP Name: Last edited by alien_jeff on 2019/1/31 18:08 Hi, I noticed that the device idle and network standby is consuming more batte...

Asus Rog Phone 3.5mm Jack problem

Model: ZS600KLRAM: 8GFirmware/APP Version: The phone doesnt really show it's Firmware version?Frequency of Occurrence: ConstantlyRooted: NoAPP Name: So, I just yesterday got my brand new Asus Rog Phone, and today I wanted to listen to music while I w...

wifi/system problem

Model: ZS600KLRAM: 8GFirmware/APP Version: -Frequency of Occurrence: 1Rooted: NoAPP Name: streaming Arena of ValorHi, bought the phone few days ago and have been playing a lot on mobile network so far. been happy about it. But now the reason I boug...

Asus Pre-installed Phone/Dailer App

Model: ZS600KLRAM: 8GFirmware/APP Version: WW-ZS600KL.15.1630.1811.46_0Frequency of Occurrence: EverytimeRooted: NoAPP Name: Asus Pre-installed Phone AppSorry i have no idea on the Offical name of your pre installed Phone/Dailer App cant see it liste...

iStasis by Star I
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