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Android Update

Rising Star II
Model: ZS600KL
Firmware/APP Version: NA
Frequency of Occurrence: NA
Rooted: No

When are the developers waking up from sleep? Tell them to wake up and work on the Android update. Asus ROG Phone 1 users have been cheated. No updates, no accessories, no support, laggy experience during gameplay. Enough already. You are pissing off users who have been ROG supporters. I have posted a lengthy message on all Asus and ROG social media posts about ROG Phone 2 adds. You guys have posted 74 ads and I've commented on almost every one of it on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram educating users to stay away from Asus. Are the moderators conveying any message to the management team?

Star I
I'm right there with you, I got rid of my entire gaming computer and built a new one with Gigabyte parts over Asus. I'm never using Asus hardware again after this phone. Not only are they brutally slow with this update, but the fact that they also disabled Vo-LTE so you can't use RCS support in Canada? Like, Why? Why disable that feature from Android. Enable it, release the update, or at the bare minimum release a public beta for people to try and test out, they clearly don't have enough of a support team so they should honestly just let the public do the testing and bug reports for them. I've given up on this phone, bought a Galaxy S10+, it sucks, but at least it has a pie update, and Samsung is known for being slower than all hell releasing update, yet, here we are with a crappy Samsung being the superior user experience over the ROG Phone.. hmm.... even Samsung has a public beta they allow users to opt in for testing. Will I be getting a Samsung Android Q beta update before the ROG Phone 1 gets the pie update? The race is on lol Take notes Asus. I built an $8000 desktop PC and bought a $3500 MSI gaming laptop when I upgraded my setups, they lost out on a lot of money from me and probably many others because their horrid customer support and lack of timely manor of getting things organized and updated.

Star I
I think we need to start talking Class-action lawsuit. Promises were made, timelines were given and now we are being led to believe that sometime we might get pie? I have had to switch back to my iPhone because of my company’s policies around Android devices and not being up to date with the latest security patches or even operating systems. It’s absolutely absurd that no one word on the status have been given or even opportunities by the company to remedy the situation. Time to fight to get our money back or get some sort of action so we can start using our devices again with the latest security protection, features, etc.

Rising Star II
They don't simply care. ROG Phone 2 is launched at half the price of Rog phone 1.