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3 things I don't like about Android 9 so far

Rising Star I
Model: ZS600KL
Firmware/APP Version: Android 9
Frequency of Occurrence: .
Rooted: No
APP Name: System

1) What's the deal with the blur effect on the lock screen? The picture was normally visible on Android 8, but now it has some blur effect on Android 9, how can I disable it? 2) I was able to make the icons way smaller on Android 8, now the smallest size on Android 9 is about the medium size on Android 8. 3) When I recieve a call, I was able to put the call in the background (without taking any action on the call ) on Android 8, now with Android 9 I'm forced to answer , cancel or wait until the call screen ends. Any solution?

Star I
msauc2003 posted on 2019/12/5 22:58 there is no wifi network selection in the slide menu just on and off 
Tap and hold dude. And you shall be at selection. Takes the same amount of time. It is stock android. Though i also preferred the dropdown way.

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maailasif posted on 2019/12/5 18:38 @JeiAsus.  The clear all option in recent tabs is not working . Have to manually close all ...
Works fine for me. If you have optiflex enabled, thoose apps that are selected there for "faster launch" stay in memory even if you press clear all. Optiflex is on by default, and selects apps automatically by use.

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1: i also agree. We could see clock\notifications just fine the old way. Would be nice to have an option to disable the blackish blur system overlay thingy. But it is definety useful in terms of battery and burn ins. 2: i was set to middle of the slider in oreo. In pie, its now the default size, and i can only go 1 lower. We are definetly missing 1 smaller option. Though that is sooo small, i have no idea why anybody would use it. 3:pressing home button still works for me. Or sliding up to get to homescreen in my case.

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Hello, icons are borked, are fking huge on this big screen, make them little again!!! Other things is the dumb volume sliders, why move them to side of screen, can't even adjust them individually anymore without open the settings volume page... FIX IT BACK! And recent programs view option, there should be a option / setting to swap to the normal view, i don't llike this to see one by one recent opened app but how it was stacked before one over the other was perfect!

Zen Master I
Hi Scorpion666, About the filter effect in lock screen, we have added an option in the latest firmware WW-16.0420.1911.6 to let users choose whether to turn on this effect: Settings > Security & lock screen > Lock screen preferences > Tint lock screen. You may check for the update in Settings > System > System updates. Thank you and have a nice day 🙂