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Widewine L1 support is not retained after using bootloader unlock tool

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Model Name: Rog 2, 8gb 128gb Indian unit (WW)
Firmware Version: 2009.47
Rooted or not: not
Frequency of Occurrence: everytime
APP Name & APP Version (If your issue relates to the app): official unlock tool

After using latest bootloader unlock tool, widewine L1 support is not retained, and it is downgraded to L3. Resulting users are unable to stream HD content via ott apps like Netflix and Amazon prime video.
The same is not the case with other asus devices, Both asus Zenfone 5z and 6z are able to retain Widewine L1 after bootloader unlock using official tool.
Now even Rog 3 is retaining the L1, also this should not be hardware dependency. Many of the Rog 2 users are now at the end of their 1 year warranty period and are looking forward to unlock the bootloader, but this basic issue is deal breaker. so please patch this anomaly as soon as possible.


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Shane Fernandes

@Gustav_ASUS @Anders @ARP_ASUS @Anders_ASUS It does not make sense... TRUE... I have the Rog2 and two Rog3's. Both the Rog3s retain L1 after unlock... And the Rog2 does not retain the same this shud not be the case... It may be controller by Qualcomm and you controll a phone with Qualcomm so do something about it as older device like zf5 and zf6 also retain it with those SOC's.. You also mentioned somewhere that we need to go to the service centre to get the drm keys updated on the phone... But I think we all have come to an agreement that service centres just create more issues for users than fix them... And im not even sure if they know what a drm key is as we have had users who went to the service centre and they were clueless... So the bottom line is, will there be a fix implemented on the Rog2?

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I removed/edited my comment about the service center. It was wrong. This behaviour never existed on ROG 2 but I'm still checking internally.

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how to check widevine support for Rog2

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how to check widevine support for Rog2

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Use DRM info app from playstore

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Are there any news to share?

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I removed/edited my comment about the service center. It was wrong. This behaviour never existed on ROG 2 but I'm still checking internally.

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Didn't exist on other devices either but still they got it few months back, care to explain that?
Users just want some basic things from you guys
Full gesture support for third party launchers - Not implemented in Rog 2, on other devices it works? Yes and why? Because the underlying Android 10 source of other devices is newer which Google updated and it supports full gesture on third party launchers, Rog 2 runs on the source from 2019 which is older than that running on the Rog 3. Google fixed it on their Pixels long ago and even other OEMs have updated their sources to add the support, so what's your damn excuse now?
Universal non intrusive heads-up call notification - Not implemented as of today
Timely updates - This should be easy for you guys with the team that you have in place.
Widevine L1 on unlocked bootloader - Not on Rog 2, other devices? Yes L1 is retained.
The only problem I can see is the software team that's not capable or is biased when it comes to which device gets the best software.
ASUS 5Z - Retains Widevine L1 on bootloader unlock since last few months.
ASUS 6Z - Retains Widevine L1 on bootloader unlock since last few months, gets timely updates, got Android 11 through beta program.
ROG 3 - Retains Widevine L1, updated Android 10 source [QKQ1.200419.002] has all the requested ROG 2 features.
ROG 2 - Doesn't retain Widevine L1, missing basic Android 10 features, outdated underlying Android 10 source [QKQ1.190825.002] from 2019 which can be updated but depends on the software team's capability, no timely updates and it's just about a year old.
Usual excuses from Moderators here
Thank you for your feedback
We'll get back to you (but never do)
Software limitation
Some other BS reason
At this point it's just hopeless to expect anything when we can clearly see its just the software team incapable of doing anything.