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Where is Feb Security Update and BiMonthly OTA? Why late?

Rising Star II
Rog 2, 8/128gb, WW 0.65, Non rooted.

It's been more than two months since last update in Mid December, which in itself was 2-3weeks late. And till now we don't have this month's or precisely January's security update and OTA?

Is rog 2 to dead now?


Rising Star II
ROG 2 is dead in the water. Same fate as ROG 1.

Expect a repeat for 3.

Rising Star II
Next time, No Asus. Pathetic software support!!

Rising Star II
Even other brand midrange got good software support and timely updates , asus is still running old forumala after lunching new phone they focus of old phone that's also an 30 mb update useless waste of money

Rising Star I
If I knew that ROG Phone 1 will only get 1 android update, I wouldn't buy ROG Phone 2. My next phone will not be a Rog Phone and Asus, if they won't give proper support and "at least" 2 updates to ROG Phone 2.

Rising Star II
No actual fix for issue. Data connection is not consistent/stable. Gaming phone that will rely on wifi?. Other phones can have stable data connection same place. but this gaming phone cannot handle it? LMAO. They wont incorporate features that are in the new series that is still helpful with us. IE auto frame rate. Bypass charging. and i think it can be use in older version. Same issue happening in ROG 3 still motherboard issue. High Temp( due to glass back panel and hardware design). Power IC getting busted, Charging port not charging, Boot loop. auto shutdown. Very disposable unit. Support is not doing its job to optimize the phone. Software and hardware is busted. sad day for a ROG fan boy realization.. Do they even study the issue that is happening in their phone?. they also recommend not to play too much.. IT IS A GAMING PHONE. my old S9 before can handle 24/7 gaming without getting busted(motherboard issue). yes maybe it throttles. but it is doing its job properly.. comapring AEROCOOLER FAN and the BLACKSHARK fun cooler.. who has a legit cooling the fun cooler has a legit temp cooling function than the ROG aerocooler. If you touch the thermal pad of both cooler you'll really see who is doing its job. case that they offer doesn't protect the phone. LMAO