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What has been your experience with the ROG 2?

Rising Star II
I want to start back to when I first heard about ASUS doing gaming phones and why I got one. But to hear your thoughts too, because I've seen alot of posts gone from excitement and enjoyability to out right hate or disgust.

I was lucky to visit Japan back in August 2019 and during my travels I came across a gentleman who had the ROG 1 phone, it took my attention from the lighting back and made me wonder what the spec and everything was. My old phone being a sony xperia xz premiun I decided to look into the ASUS brand. That's when I saw the ROG 2, its big huge spec and battery and its slightly useless but nice fan I decided this phone would be a good phone to last me years, if not a good 8 years if I was lucky. So... I waited for release in the UK which was roughly two months later and I got one from ASUS UK store. It arrived next day and I was super happy with the upgrade.
I then have been on here now for the past 6 months. Mostly to keep an eye on updates and bits for game genie. Sometimes looking at issues to see what was going on. That's when I started to see issues with motherboards, battery issues and red tint, black crush. After which my battery began to feel like a 3000Mah rather than a near 6000 (5800 rated) battery, I actually charge my sony phone the same amount as my ROG phone and do the exact same stuff, so it really ticked me off as it feels the same.

We then had the delay in android 10 and having months without a secruity patch or update, then seeing how ROG 1 had to wait ages for android 9 and then after which told the phones basically done with, I felt abit put off.

I then saw a jerry rig video, were he breaks down the phone and seeing how the vent/ cooling was basically a crap con and the phone mostly cooling out of the screen, made me feel more buyers remorse. The ROG 3 actually has a heatsink with a useful vent btw.

Overral I like the idea, and I think the specs are nice but there is either a serious need to fund software dev more and boost the team or ROG 3 was rushed out to replace the issues we are getting in ROG 2. I honestly dont know what the future is for this phone but I just hope that if and when we get android 11 that the devs can then focus on features, fixes and overall improvements. Heck that bypass charging that the ROG 3 just got is right up my street and I would love that so much. especially how im such a battery care geek.

To sum up, I regret buying the ROG 2, I had tried to see if Asus do a replacement service for the ROG 3 and pay the dif but they sadly don't. Will I buy again from ASUS? Mobile wise, no. PC stuff, most likely.

I don't personally blame the devs, heck they have had a virus shutting down normal processes but I just wish the company listened and at least cared for past phones which aint even a year old.

Curious to hear other peoples thoughts and experiences.


Rising Star II

New update is very good. It fixed all my issues what you talking about? I think you should have bought mid range phone..gaming phone is not for smartphones illiterate like you...rog 2 works fine

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I got the phone to game with...

Rising Star I
@Osmak does ur phone get switch off while charging ur answer may be no but so many user are facing this issue including me..we haven't given money for such issues to occur for which we have to transfer our phone data to laptop and take it to service center within 6-7 months of purchase
If u think this phone is not for illiterate like us then why don't u buy everyone's phone 🤔

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Display 9/10

Battery 10/10

Camera 9/10

Software 9/10

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Battery drain after this latest update is 3%/10 minutes
How is battery 10???????????

Star I
Haven't had any issues it's been almost a year now since I've been using it and other than the issue of us not getting the software updates on time I absolutely have had no problems like the phone getting shutdown or any heating issues yes the battery does drain a bit faster than before but I guess android 10 did that to many other phones hopefully it'll get better I believe in Asus. Ps just updated my phone and the armoury crate is so much better.